Saturday 7 March

9.30am – 11.10am

Sara Diamond and Julian Haladyn

We Will Wait
Serkan Özkaya

The Subterranean Modernism of Marcel Duchamp and Georges Bataille
Jaime Tsai

11.10am – 11.25amBreak

11.25am – 12.30pm

Unchamp, a Cyclops: Looking with One Eye, Close to, from the Other Side of the Glass
Maxwell Hyett 

Setting snares: Lyotard, Duchamp and Michael Snow
Elizabeth Legge

12.30pm – 2.00pmLunch

2.00pm – 3.25pm

Marcel Duchamp’s 50cc of Paris Air: Dada, Dissemination and Contagion
David Hopkins

Duchamp in Exile: The Exchange in the Bohemian Underground
Celia Rabinovitch

3.25pm – 3.40pmBreak

3.40pm – 4.30pm

I.O.U’s and a Practice Deferred: On Duchampian Refusals of Work
Nare Mokgotho 

The Fine Art of Bureaucracy: Duchamp and Broodthaers
Emily Dickson

Sunday 8 March

12.30pm – 1.35pm

Visual Cast: Duchamp’s Given and Contemporary Digital Advancements in Recording, Constructing and Imaging in Art and Architecture
Penelope Haralambidou

Apropos of Duchampian Accelerationism
Julian Haladyn

1.35pm – 1.50pmBreak

1.50pm – 3.00pm

What was and was not Readymade: Marcel Duchamp’s 1918-19 Sojourn in Buenos Aires
Dot Tuer

Duchamp and the Play of Distances
Yam Lau

3.00pm – 3.15pm — Break

3.15pm – 4.30pm

Duchamp’s Replicas in Changing Curatorial Contexts
Adina Kamien-Kazhdan

Apropos of Duchampian Accelerationism
Maya Wilson-Sanchez

4.30pm – 6.30pmClosing Social

Duchamp Accelerated


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Sun: 12.30am-6.30pm


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